Where are you now?

As an SAC Alumni, we invite you to participate in the Where Are You Now? Campaign. This is a new initiative for the Student-Alumni Council Alumni Society modeled after the Student-Alumni Council student program WhereWill You Be?

Where Are You Now? compiles names, graduation years, and contact information from SAC Alumni into a central  database which will then be downloaded into a Google Map. The geographical locations and contact information for each SAC Alumni will be displayed as a ‘pin’ on the map. We will use this information for society events and give viewing access to all members in order to facilitate a renewal of old friendships and provide opportunities to create new ones. Only SAC Alumni will be granted this access.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email SACSociety@osu.edu.

To share your contact information with other SAC Alumni click the button listed below.

Where Are You Now? Survey