As a member of the SAC Alumni Society, you have the opportunity to:
*Attend the Annual Meeting and Homecoming Reception
*Participate in service projects
*Connect with friends- past and present- through social media and local happy hours/events
*Interact with students through a mentoring program
*Participate in the Where Are You Now? Campaign
*Stay connected to The Ohio State University

See our FAQs for more information!

Your donation will support the Emerging Leaders Fund which provides financial support for SAC students to attend National and Regional CASE ASAP Conferences.  These conferences allow SACers to build stronger leadership skills, learn about programs to reapply at Ohio State and share the great programs developed in our SAC.  A small portion (<5%) of the dues will be used for operating costs.

How to donate and become a member of SACAS!  Download the pdf of instructions.
  1. Click the donate button in the top right corner or below.
  2. Adjust the amount below to you desired giving amount.
    1. Note: a $75 annual donation makes you a sustaining member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Part or all of this donation can go to SACAS and can count towards that amount.
  3. Click “Add this gift to your giving list.”
  4. If you would like to make an additional donation, you may add that after you have completed step 3.
    1. Example: I want to make a donation to SACAS and my scholars program or FYE. I can donate to SACAS with the steps above, then click search to add a fund for one of the above, and then complete the steps above in the same way.
    2. If the sum of all the gifts in your cart to the funds you want to contribute to equal $75, you are officially a sustaining member.

    Donate now!