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List of available funds

Your generosity will assist SAC in growing its programs and enhance the Ohio State experience of both students and alumni. Here’s what our students have to say about their SAC experiences and our donors who empower us to connect the Ohio State community.

I’ve met so many people I know I most likely never would have come into contact with otherwise. I love having such a large network of people on campus to just say hi to in passing on the oval or grab ethyl nachos with post-meetings. I also feel more connected to Ohio State in a way, being exposed to so many traditions SAC upholds and being so involved in events like Homecoming really validates why I became a Buckeye in the first place.

Giving to SAC allows us to continue to put on programs we are passionate about and achieve our goals as an organization. We would not be able to reach the people we do or host the successful events we do without the help of staff and donors!

Magen A., Class of 2021

SAC has without a doubt been my defining college experience. As humans, we long to feel connection, to feel important and valued. Before joining this organization, I struggled to find my place at Ohio State. However, this organization has given me more than I could have ever imagined and allowed me to find my home at Ohio State.

Thank you for sharing your resources with us to support my home away from home and second family that I couldn’t image life without. Your support is the reason I am able to look back at my college experience with tears of joy and lifelong memories and friends. THANK YOU!

Louie M., Class of 2020

There are a variety of endowment and scholarship funds available for donation. These funds improve SAC programs and initiatives with the purpose of connecting students and alumni.

SAC Upperclassman Scholarship
Established August 30, 1995, by the Student-Alumni Council through The Foundation. Income provides scholarships to currently enrolled students who have successfully completed three quarters of undergraduate curriculum at any university and intend to remain enrolled at this University for at least three quarters after receipt of the scholarship. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

SAC Outstanding Freshman Scholarship Fund
Established June 7, 1985, by the Student-Alumni Council. Income provides scholarships based on scholastics, service and leadership to freshmen not previously enrolled at Ohio State or any other university for more than three quarters. Unused income is re-invested to principal.

SAC Operations and Service Endowment Fund
Established November 7, 1997, by the Council through The Foundation. Income supports operating expenses of the Council for projects benefiting the general membership and University-related service projects that benefit the greater campus community.

SAC Council Service Endowment
Established August 30, 1995, by the Council through The Foundation. Income supports University-related service projects having a philanthropic and/or benevolent purpose, enhancing the greater campus community and promoting awareness of activities and student lifestyles.

Contact Vice President of Finance, August Slawienski, with questions.