Student spotlight

Sophia Labianco

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Position: Info Sessions & Interviews Program Coordinator
  • Why SAC: My favorite thing about SAC is the organization’s willingness to learn and grow. SAC works to educate its members and other members of the Ohio State community on the importance of relationships, diversity, and character just to name a few!

Jared Villalobos

  • Major: Communications
  • Hometown: Chester, New Jersey
  • Position: Internal Events Program Coordinator
  • Why SAC: What I love most about SAC is the people. Once into the organization, it’s like you gain a hundred new friends. Everyone is so kind and accepting that it’s super easy to fit in and meet new people. SAC is more than an organization, it’s a family.

Cat Raj

  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Hometown: Miamisburg, Ohio
  • Position: Director of Membership Advancement
  • Why SAC: the extraordinary uniqueness of every individual in this organization is something that truly leaves me in awe, each and every member inspires me! the opportunity to make a new friend presents itself in every SAC event and that is something I’ll love forever about SAC!