Message from President Jackson Stoller

Hi! My name is Jackson Stoller and I am incredibly excited to help lead Student-Alumni Council over the course of this school year. I am passionate about this school, the people that make up its vast network, and the rich traditions that make it such a unique institution.

In everything we do as an organization, we seek to embrace and strengthen the student-alumni relationship by serving as a bridge between the 65,000 current students and the 500,000 living alumni across the world. “The dash” between student and alumni in our name adequately represents our critical role within the strategic vision of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

As we navigate foreign territory in our return to in-person activities, we will strive to foster a culture of inclusion and comfort for our members and our on-campus community. We recognize that we must embrace ever-changing conditions and adapt to every obstacle that crosses our path.

This organization has been blessed with over 40 years of a committed membership and we look forward to embracing and honoring those that have come before us. With a passionate membership that represents every college on campus and a wide diversity of individuals, we can’t wait to serve our fellow students in enhancing their collective college experience.

In the SAC spirit,