SAC Update

SAC has been busy this year with many programs. Please read below to see some current student perspectives on their time in SAC this year!

Wishing Well-come

“Before the start of fall semester, I had the opportunity to volunteer at our Wishing Well-come event. For this engagement, SACers were on The Oval and approached students to come up and share a wish they had for the upcoming school year. After writing their wish down, we gave them a buckeye to throw in our “well” so their wish would come true! This was a great way to jump into the new school year and see what Ohio State students had set as their goals for the upcoming semester!”
–Yasmeen Shafik, Wishing Well-come Volunteer

Homecoming Parade

“After considering the monumental task at hand, I overcame the nerves and got behind the wheel to drive the Student-Alumni Council float in the 2016 Homecoming Parade. I could not have possibly asked for a better experience at my first Homecoming Parade. Driving down the street seeing Buckeyes past, present, and future lining the streets decked out in scarlet and grey, I could feel the magic in the air as the tradition ran deep and Ohio State pride radiated throughout the evening. I have never been so sure that this place is home for me, and I can’t wait to share in this experience for years to come.”
–Owen Manning, Homecoming Parade Volunteer


#ScarletandGreat Pep Rally

“This year, as director of University Events, I helped oversee the Homecoming Pep Rally. Seeing this event come together from the beginning to the end from a backstage point of view was amazing, and helped me gain an appreciation for Homecoming at Ohio State. Seeing how all of the alumni and students’ faces lit up when they walked in the door and saw all of the decorations, giveaways and Brutus really made me appreciate this event and all of the work that SAC puts into it. It’s also amazing to interact with alumni that haven’t been on campus since they graduated 30 plus years ago, or interact with students who didn’t know what SAC was until coming to the pep rally. Homecoming is such a special time to reflect on why we all love this university so much, and I’m so happy that I’m able to be a part of SAC and partake in such a special weekend in a such an impactful and meaningful way.”
–Hannah Tomaszewski, Director of University Events

“I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Homecoming Pep Rally this year. From taking pictures of families and individuals with Archie Griffin’s Heisman trophy, or giving away poms, and pins that said “GO BUCKS!” this pep rally was truly amazing to be a part of. There was so much happiness, joy and Buckeye spirit in the Union, making it a truly memorable experience.”

Alexis Caronis, Pep Rally Volunteer

Alumni Awards

“As a member of SAC, I have been so privileged to come in contact with a diverse range of OSU students, both past and present. I always walk away from SAC events feeling an enriched sense of pride in our Alma Mater as the result of hearing a new perspective on the “Buckeye experience.” Perhaps some of the most memorable perspectives were those I heard when I volunteered at the 2016 Alumni Awards. I was able to join several SACers as we celebrated the hard work and success of OSU alumni who organized philanthropic organizations, who have overcome political adversity, or who have dedicated years of their life to improving students’ academic experiences. I shared many meaningful conversations that evening, as I was able to host one of the winners and his family and share memories and anecdotes about this incredible institution. I was nearly brought to tears when we were all able to reflect on how despite time (and change), the spirit and tradition at Ohio State remain as revered and cherished as they have always been. Needless to say, that night left me motivated to maintain engagement with Ohio State, beyond graduation, much like the award winners did.”
–Ashley Greivenkamp, Alumni Awards volunteer


“Last semester SAC organized Buck-I-Run, a 5k glow run for students and alumni. The course ran through Ohio State’s notoriously stunning campus, starting at The Shoe and then snaking around the RPAC, Mirror Lake, and the Oval. This was the first Buck-I-Run organized and it was wildly successful. Since we had so many people willing to volunteer at the event, I had the opportunity to run in the actual race. This was by far one of my favorite events because I got to run it with my best friend as well as get cheered on by a bunch of my other SAC friends! It was an amazing experience to be able to partake in an event with current students, faculty, and alumni, and it is truly a memory I will treasure for a long time!”
–Gretchen Albrecht, volunteer and participant at Buck-I-Run