SACer Spotlight: Jeff Gannon

JeffMeet Jeff Gannon!

Undergraduate major: Microbiology and Spanish

Graduation Year: 2010 BS and 2014 DDS

What are you doing now? General Dentist in Orlando, Florida.

If you held any positions in SAC what were they? Director of Outreach and engagement. Program director for Outreach Day.

Favorite SAC tradition and why: My favorite tradition can be summarized in one word: Thursday. One of the most consistent things throughout my hectic college experience was my SAC thursday nights. My routine was a quick dinner with friends, reciting the creed, geting updated on the SAC official business, laughing through the hero book, and after the meeting heading to all diferent types of SAC socials. I loved every moment of the routine, and I am so glad I got involved with SAC.

Favorite SAC memory: Whew, so many memories come to mind. If I had to choose my all time favorite memory it would have to be when Ben Reinke, Daniel McCarthy, Fahad Alharbi, and I dressed up as super heroes for the SAC talent show and sang the song “Hero” By Enrique Inglesias. I am not sure we were on pitch during the the high parts or the low ones, but it is a memory I will never forget.

How has SAC helped you get to where you are today? SAC is all about the people. I met people from different perspectives, states, and religions that I probably never would have been exposed to outside of SAC. Fast forward nine years, and every day in my office I have to build relationships and trust within minutes of meeting a new patient. SAC laid the foundation that taught me how to do that. A lot of patients are most likely only thinking about the big scary instruments or the cost of treatment, whether it’s telling a bad joke, asking about their football team, or just asking about the weather; I try to build just a little bit of report with each and every patient. After that I get to use my big scary instruments.