New Business

Elections 2015

This year during the Homecoming Annual Meeting, we elected the following positions.

  • President: Matt Fenstermaker
    • 2 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: preside as chairperson of the Board of Governors, ex officio member of all committees, set agenda for each Board meeting
  • Governor of Membership: Amit Raghuvanshi
    • 1 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: reach out to new members including graduating SAC seniors, verify those new members, oversee list of SAC Alumni from OSUAA
  • Governor of Finance: Kendall Mahon
    • 2 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: supervise all receipts and expenditures, collect and disburse dues, complete and submit annual financial forms to OSUAA, as well as, documents required by the IRS
  • Historian: Kelly Yousem
    • 2 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: record important SACAS events/initiatives

We still have a few positions open and are currently searching for volunteers to fill the position. If you are interested in any of these positions, pleaseĀ email

  • Governor of Outreach: OPEN
    • 2 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: facilitate alumni engagement through programming, manage the annual calendar of activities, responsible for the mentoring program
  • Member At Large: Emerging Leaders Fund: OPEN
    • 2 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: oversee the process of selecting a student recipient of the Emerging Leaders Fund (ELF) Scholarship, conduct a fundraiser to supplement the ELF
  • Governor of Communications: OPEN
    • 1 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: oversee all communications with alumni including social media accounts and quarterly newsletter; record minutes for SACAS monthly meetings
  • Member At Large: Social and Volunteer Chair: OPEN
    • 1 Year Term
    • Responsibilities: plan and help coordinate all social and volunteer events for society members

A special thank you to the following Board of Governors members who have completed their term with SACAS.

  • Lauri Meyers has served the board for 5 years as President and Governor of Outreach.
  • Karen Harris has served the board for 2Ā½ years as Member at Large Social and Volunteer Chair.
  • Addison Hutcheson has served the board for 2 years as Governor of Membership.
  • Clayton LeHotan has served the board for 2 years as the Member at Large Emerging Leaders Fund (ELF).
  • Chelsea (Hempfling) Ricker has served the board for 3 years as the Governor of Membership and President.