CASE ASAPBy Anna Talarico, 2015 ELF Scholarship Recipient

The 2015 CASE ASAP National Convention was an amazing opportunity to network with my peers, build relationships with my fellow SACers, and develop new ideas for our organization. I am grateful for my interactions with other institutions and organizations, as they allowed me to understand the experiences and challenges of advancement organizations around the country. From these interactions, I was able to think about our current programing and structure in SAC and consider how we may better our organization because of the suggestions and experiences of other institutions. I have shared my feedback and ideas with our executive board, and I am excited to see changes in SAC as a result of this conference. Additionally, I am truly appreciative for the time I spent with other members of SAC. I was able to continue fortifying my relationships with SACers, and we created memories that are unique to the nature of our organization. Being able to attend the conference connected me to my fellow SACers, to our organization, and to our university. My approach to SAC is renewed and I am thrilled to see what SAC will achieve this year. I left the conference with immense gratitude for the work of advancement organizations around the country that serve their campus communities with the same mission as SAC. Instilling a sense of loyalty into the undergraduate experiences of students is critical to the development of life-long relationships between students and their alma mater. Knowing that other institutions are committed to creating cultures of pride and tradition among students, alumni, and others furthers my passion to do the same at Ohio State, validates the work SAC has done, and drives us to serve our fellow Buckeyes for years to come.